Thursday, March 01, 2007

A night of being a Hoosier B-Ball fan (I did it again)

Tonight UH played the University of Idaho. Of course UH won by 17. As for me, I got in the head of the top scorer Keoni Watson who scored 34 points out of the 64 scored by Idaho. As for the Hoosier in me I had Keoni listening and commenting to me. I had Keoni talking to me about the number of towels that he needed in the second half (for the short rest he got). Keoni actually grabbed a few extra towels for me (and only me). Keoni also responded to me when I asked if he wanted a beer, and then if he wanted a small or a large one, and then if he wanted a domestic or import, I then actually bought him a beer and offered it to him during the second half and after the game. Sorry I had to drink the beer for him (all in one). It was just one of those games that the whole student section (and some from out of the section) told me I did a good job. Now I just have to top myself for Riley's final game on Saturday. I will do my best to find a Boise State player that will talk with me, and I will try and win the last home game for Riley who will be retiring after the last game of the season. I am proud to be a Bows Fan and doing the best for the Hawaii team.


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